30 November - 4 December, 2020


DUE 30 August 2020

The Local Organizing Committee for the 24th Pacific Science Congress is announcing a call for sessions, symposia, or workshops for this international scientific conference. If you would like to propose a session, please fill out the requested information below, and email to:

The PSC-24 Organizers need to receive session proposals no later than January 31, 2021.

Information needed:

  • Type of Session (symposia or workshop)
  • Title
  • Conveners (symposia) or Leaders (workshop)
  • Congress sub-theme under which session most closely matches (see below)
  • Justification and description
  • Time requested
  • Potential invited speaker(s)
  • Potential Contributors
  • Anticipated outcomes of the symposia or workshop (see details below)

The overall theme of the PSC-24 is: “Articulating Visions of Sustainability in Asia and the Pacific”. Sub-themes of the Congress are:

  • Climate and Earth Systems
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystems
  • Food/Water/Energy
  • Human Health and Well-Being
  • Science and Technology Future
  • Science for Society
  • Ocean Health

Please note that the sessions should broadly match one of the above sub-themes. Other suggested symposia and workshops are also welcome, and will be considered by the Congress Organizers. Depending on what is proposed you may be asked to combine with another related subtheme or session.


  • Symposia will be expected to produce publishable proceedings. Workshops will be asked to produce publishable summaries or recommendations.
  • Even if you have already verbally notified the PSC-24 Local Organizing Committee that you would be willing to convene a session (i.e. symposia or workshop), you must fill out and send this information in order for it to be formally recognized.
  • The PSC-24 Organizers will try to accommodate all appropriate session requests, but available time slots are limited.